‘No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it! That’s the power of collaboration”

The All-India ranking of Vidya Niketan School as per the Education World has been as follows:

2010 - 10th place

2011 - 7th place

2012 - 12th place

2013 - 8th place

2014 - 11th place

2015 - 12th place

2016 - 11th place

2017 - 11th place

We owe a huge gratitude to the faculty members whose continued and untiring efforts and ability to adapt to evolving methodologies for changing societal needs has ensured a quality teaching / learning environment.

And the orchestra in our symphony has many participants – The students of the school, you the Parents, the Teachers, the Advisory Board, Trustees of the School, the Admin staff, Attenders and the members of the Management.



Netra Char Bhat secured the 2nd Rank in Karnataka in the ICSE Board Examination.
Vidya Niketan is proud of her achievement.